Today, ever more increasingly, commercial toothpastes are coming under close scrutiny with regard to their long term adverse side effects on health. At the same time much attention is being given to the use of natural toothpastes by Seniors, Teens and the young.

It is the use of natural substances in these toothpaste which make them so attractive in this age of ‘health awareness’ and the use of natural products.

Being realistic, any toothpaste plays no part in the removal of food particles, or other substances from between the teeth, it is the act of brushing and flossing which does this, and the only part the toothpaste plays is to act as a germ killer and to leave a pleasant taste in the mouth of the user.

But, equally, natural ingredients can play the part of mouth germ killers just as well as the chemicals in commercial toothpastes, if, indeed, not more effectively.

Common Ingredients in Natural Toothpastes.

All of these toothpastes are made from naturally occurring substances like plants and herbs. The important thing is that they contain no synthetic chemicals, especially sodium lauryl sulphate, (SLS), which basically is a detergent and proven skin irritant even though it is used commonly in soaps and shampoos. The natural ingredients used include the following.

Peppermint. Is a proven natural killer of mouth bacteria, and a very effective mouth freshener.

Spearmint. This substance has been used since olden times as a cure for many body ailments, and works equally as well on the teeth and gums.

Acacia Oil. Also has health benefits and acts as a binder in the natural toothpaste.

Calcium Carbonate and Baking Soda. They both act as abrasives, and along with the brush remove all food particles, plaque and stains from the teeth.

Fluoride. This chemical is not used in natural toothpastes. If a person chooses the use of fluorine for his/her teeth then an adequate supply is obtainable from the regular water supply in most areas. There is growing suspicion that the long term effects of using this commercial toothpaste additive may be poisonous anyway.

The use of natural toothpaste measures up admirably compared to any commercial toothpaste. It is less likely to interfere with the natural mouth balance, or to cause any allergic reactions.

Try some, and your body may thank you for making the change!! It is a lot cheaper for the senior citizen to purchase also.