OLake Lodge

Experience Nature At Its Best!

Located in the Outaouais region, north of the La Vérendrye provincial park, O’Sullivan Lake Lodge is the perfect spot for your next nature vacation.

Discover 95 square miles of exclusive territory with its numerous lakes, forests and rivers brimming with fish and wildlife. Over the years, our Lodge outfitting operation has made a name for itself for its record catches of trout, walleye and northern pike.

Hunting enthusiasts will marvel at the number of moose, bear and small game that thrive in our territory.

Families are more than welcome; all family members will enjoy a host of great outdoor activities. Our enchanting site, extending into a magnificent sandy point, awaits young and old.

Any way you look at it, O’Sullivan Lake Lodge is a winning destination for vacationing in the great outdoors and experiencing nature at its best!

Crowns and Dental Bridges, Happy Smiles, Natural Balance

Just because a person is aging, gives no reason why they should lose their ability to smile happily, especially if the loss of a smile is due to a dental disorder.

There are many dental advances which will cure most dental problems ranging from missing tooth replacement, false teeth (dentures), crowns and dental bridges, all of which can restore happy smiles to the faces of the elderly.

Within the mouth there is a Natural Balance, the upper teeth have functioning contact with the lower teeth. However this natural balance can be upset by teeth loss, gum disorder or other oral problems.

What Can Happen If Natural Mouth Balance is Upset?

Opposing teeth, (up and down) can cross over with each other and adjacent teeth can tilt into each other.

Crossed over or tilted teeth can encourage the trapping of food particles which inevitable lead to bacteria and tooth decay.

Periodontal disease can progress and cause bone destruction as teeth continue to cross and tilt.

This loss of mouth balance can lead to a complete loss of confidence in the elderly person, and she/he may become too embarrassed to eat, speak, or smile in company.

There are several options open in this situation, one of which is for the elderly person to choose treatment including Dental Crowns and Bridges.

Dental Bridges and Crowns.

When a tooth is capped to restore its size, shape and strength, this is known as crowning the tooth. The crowning of several teeth constitutes a bridge. And a dental crown will be advised by the dentist for the following reasons.

n To protect a weak tooth.

n To restore a worn down or broken tooth.

n Support a tooth carrying a large filling where not too much tooth material remains.

n To hold in place a tooth bridge or implant.

n Cover misshaped or discoloured teeth.

For example. The elderly person is ashamed to smile because two of his/her upper front teeth are missing.

Dental bridges are meant to jump the gap, and use the adjacent teeth which remain either side of the gap, as a supporting fixture. The false teeth are inserted into the gap, each with a crown on either side. The crowns are then fitted over the teeth adjacent to the new false teeth, and thus the false teeth are firmly held in position.

By following the advice of the dentist concerning the healthy maintenance of the new dentures and fixtures, the senior citizen will soon regain her/his confidence and be able to smile happily at the world again!

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Cyber Sonic Toothbrush

We feature oral care products proven to be successful through rigorous university studies or field testing by doctors like myself. When you buy from us you are assured our staff has researched product claims and has personally tested the product. Click here

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a sonic recent study in japan indicates that b12 treatment helps in the growth and division of certain immune system cells.11 these cells function to prevent the immune system from over-reacting to allergens such as animals, mold, dust, and pollen. they are called suppressor cells or cd8+ lymphocytes. they “put the brakes on the immune system”. this medicationtm is a 21-day treatment of b12 lozenges sucked on twice daily. this medicationtm toothbrush may help patients with hay fever by providing the patient’s suppressor cells with the sustained and elevated blood b12 level they need to grow and divide. it appears that by helping the immune system to become what it is genetically capable of becoming, this medicationtm turns at least some allergic people into non-allergic or moderately-allergic people.

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We feature oral care products proven to be successful through rigorous university studies or field testing by doctors like myself. When you buy from us you are assured our staff has researched product claims and has personally tested the product.
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