A return to roots and pleasure for the entire family!
During the months of July and August, O’Sullivan Lake Lodge welcomes you to the great outdoors for a family vacation to remember. Our enchanting setting lends itself to a wide array of outdoor activities, including:

– Fishing initiation
– Swimming
– Canoeing
– Pedalo
– Hiking

Come and discover the breathtaking scenic vistas on our hiking trails.

Our forest is home to numerous species of birds and fungi – a paradise for birdwatchers and mushroom lovers.

Your little family will love being in the great outdoors in a safe, fun setting that has something for everyone!

Why you Should Visit your Dentist Regulary

A lot of people practice poor oral hygiene. There are quite a few who are aware of the importance of taking care of your oral health. This is where your dentist SE Calgary comes into the picture. You can set a consultation with your dentist to know more about how oral care works.

However, even if you regularly practice good hygiene, a visit to the dentist is still imperative. Your dentist SE Calgary can check your teeth and gums for problems that may not exist to the visible eye. In any form of disease, early detection is the best way to fight the problem aside from prevention.

Once your dentist identifies your dental problem in the early stages, the more likely you can treat your disease before it advances and becomes more complicated. It saves you time, effort and money and at the same time, prevents you from developing a more serious disease. This is why regular checkups and dental exams prove to be your best weapon against dental problems.

Regular and comprehensive exams are necessary to achieve a healthy oral wellness. Dental organizations worldwide recommend patients to make a trip to the dentist at least twice a year. These exams are important in assessing the patient’s condition and identify the presence of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and other dental problems.


What to expect during comprehensive exams

  • Evaluation of your overall oral hygiene
  • Extensive teeth exam to determine if you have cavities, tooth decay, plaque, tartar, cracked  teeth and other teeth-related conditions
  • Determine if you are required to have tooth restoration or replacement
  • Cleaning and removal of stains
  • Series of x-rays to identify your teeth and bone condition
  • Periodontal screening to check if you have gum disease
  • Check your teeth for bite or jaw complications
  • Oral cancer screening

During your dental examination, your dentist SE Calgary will discuss with your past and current health problems or any medications you are taking that may affect your oral health. It is important to be honest and inform your dentist with all facts to help determine and identify correctly the best possible solution and treatment for you. There are instances where your health condition or medication may directly affect your dental problem.

Your consultation may also include counseling on your diet and lifestyle habits that may also affect your oral wellness. Share as many details as you can because this will have a huge effect on your overall health.

Once your dental examination results are out, your dentist will evaluate your condition and advise you the possible dental risks you may experience and how to prevent and treat them. Your dentist will also tell you when you should come back for your follow-up visit or the next step if you are diagnosed with a dental problem.

Maintaining a good oral health should be one of your priorities. You should never ignore the importance of having regular check-ups with your dentist. Remember, early detection and prevention will save you from further complications and serious diseases.

The saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” is not applicable in this matter. Instead, knowing will empower you to take an action and produce a solution for it.