Peace and quiet

Located near the main Lodge, our camps comfortably accommodate four to six people. Each camp boasts a fully equipped kitchen (including stove, sink, refrigerator, dishware, utensils and pots and pans), as well as an oil heater to take the chill off in the morning and evening.

Each camp also has two bedrooms, a fully appointed bathroom and a dining room. You’ll enjoy a magnificent view of the lake and sunsets.

Guests who choose the American plan will enjoy delicious home cooked meals at the Lodge, which also offers the following additional services;

– Fishing and hunting licenses
– Tackle and bait
– Maps
– Central freezer
– Convenience store and ice
– 15 Hp outboard rental, oil and gas
– Guide
– Satellite communications
– Fishing and hunting advice and storytelling!

Outpost camps

For the more adventurous, we suggest a stay in one of our more remote outpost camps, accessible only by boat, ATV or seaplane. Our camps are equipped with a refrigerator and a propane cookstove as well as a wood burning stove. If you have forest experience and like the peace and quiet and adventure of wilderness living, then our outpost camps are for you!

Mississauga Apartments for Rent

Mississauga is a popular Canadian city that is situated in Ontario. It is also Canada’s sixth largest metropolitan area for the country. Close to 700,000 people reside in Mississauga and many of them reside in houses or apartments.

There are many different types of apartments in Mississauga. They are spread out all over the city within many different neighborhoods such as Lakeview and Dixie. People can also enjoy the luxurious apartment rentals that are available in Port Credit or Lorne Park.

Mississaugans really enjoy their city. It’s a quiet place that moves slow and steady. Yes, there are incidents of crime and criminal activity within Mississauga but these events rarely take place. Overall, the city has a low crime rate and the people are very friendly and family orientated.

A one bedroom within Mississauga averages around C$915 a month and a three-bedroom unit will cost at least C$1400 a month. Many of the rental units are in good shape and they are spacious. Keep in mind that the living spaces within Mississauga have been purposely designed for room. The residents within this city really like their space and they like to spread out.

In 2010 the city implemented a bicycle plan that would help to improve the city’s transportation system. Keep in mind that Mississauga does not necessarily need for residents to bike but this aspect of city life is helping to keep people more localized and in-touch with one another.

Apartments that are located within the central part of the city provides quick access to some of the most common bike routes in the area. The residents of Mississauga who bike typically can access these routes from the central parts of the town and in neighborhoods near downtown. As with all cities, the apartment rental units tend to be more expensive in or near the downtown area.

Apartments for Rent in Mississauga in this part of town can go for as much $C1200 for a one bedroom and some lofts can cost as much as C$3000 a month. Remember the real estate property is usually more expensive when it is located in the central part of town because it has more value.

Keep in mind that there are some cheaper apartment units located in the outer areas of the city. Many of these apartments could cost about C$700 for a one-bedroom unit. People can also pay as little as C$500 for a studio on the outer fringes of the city. Mississauga has many great apartment rentals that are affordable, spacious and very comfortable for residents.