My most memorable holiday trip was last year when my dad had decided to take us snow boarding and ice sledding on the property my uncle owned out in the middle of nowhere on the top of a mountain. We took two cars–a wagon with no snow tires, and my dad’s new Hummer. The access road is on the side of a mountain, crosses a bridge, and is frozen solid from November-February every year.

We got about 100 feet down the road when the wagon started skidding. We were on a sheet of solid ice, and the wagon skidded. We were skidding sideways down the mountain, and we were right along the edge of an embankment. It was a straight drop down into the creek, with nothing but a few trees to break the fall. All the kids were scared and crying, my mom was panicking and yelling at us to be quiet, and my dad was standing at the top of the road yelling for her to let off the brakes and steer. The car eventually stopped when a tire hit a rock, and my mom had everyone crawl out the front passenger door (she didn’t want us below the car, in case it should begin sliding downhill again.)

We got out and stood on the ice, and my dad hooked the front of the wagon to his hummer and tried to straighten it out. He got about halfway there, and the cable broke. The wagon ended up over the cliff and in the creek! No one was hurt, thank god, but what a day!

Trying to get down the hill in kiddie snowboats was yet another challenge. I was a chubby kid and not exactly a graceful one; I landed on my bottom every 3 steps! I eventually got frustrated and crawled down the rest of the road on my hands and knees. There are pictures of me crawling across the ice that I still–more than 20 years later–have not lived down!

We did end up having a blast snow boarding/sledding down the mountains for a few hours while waiting for a tow truck. We even made a campfire and had hot cocoa (from melted snow!) and toasted marhsmellows. It was one of the best, scariest, and most memorable holidays of my life. Definitely one the grand kids will be hearing about someday!