The province of Ontario is infamous for its wide selection of different trailers and recreational vehicles. There’s no doubting the fact that Ontarians love their RVs, camping, hunting, etc. – the province is ripe with national parks and great campsites to enjoy the camping season in. For those of us who love the great outdoors and want to enjoy it for a little longer than a weekend or two every summer, purchasing a park model trailer may be the solution.

With every trailer or RV option, there’s benefits and there’s drawbacks. There’s a wide selection of trailers to choose from for good reason – because we want to choose the trailer option that is best suited to the way we live and the ways that we camp. Is it possible that a park model trailer is for you?

Before we go into the actual pros and cons list, one thing to note is that you should always carry park model trailer insurance in Ontario. While it may not necessary in the province of Ontario, provided that park model trailers aren’t motorized, but it’s still greatly recommended due to the coverage it provides.

What is a park model trailer?

Park models are a little different than your average trailer RV or standard motorhome. They are temporary homes that have been created specifically to sit in trailer parks semi-permanently or, in some cases, permanently. They have been manufactured for prolonged periods of use, but many models are best equipped for a few months’ usage at a time.

Physically, they resemble small houses. They’re typically smaller than 400 square feet but are roomy enough to fit on a standard trailer park lot. Many park model trailer owners use these trailers for seasonal use, like hunting lodges, camping cabins, or for vacationing.

A park model trailer, unlike a motorhome, does not have a built-in engine. They are not equipped to handle off-road terrain and must be towed behind a sturdy, tow-ready vehicle. They can be bulky, but they’re legal to tow in Ontario.

The pros of park model trailers:

There’s a lot of great benefits that come with owning park model trailers. This is a guaranteed, as they wouldn’t be so common a purchase were they not so beloved. While park model trailers are a common choice for summer usage, you can purchase existing park model trailers designed for winter, or even modify an existing RV for winter usage. The options are endless! Park model trailers are also customizable enough that you can take away or add on features to create a more comfortable home.

Here are just a few more of the pros of park model trailers:

  • More floor space with fewer compromises on how to use that space
  • Room for added luxuries like full bathrooms, lofts, extra bedrooms, and large kitchens
  • They can be winterized for cold month usage, for skiiers and hunters
  • Closer resemble a tiny home than a recreational vehicle
  • Designed for seasonal usage and can be usable longer than a few weeks

The cons of park model trailers

That being said, park model trailers aren’t perfect. There’s great benefit to purchasing a “tiny, portable home” that can be used seasonally – and there can be some drawbacks.

For one, 400 square feet isn’t a ton of space. Yes, it’s more than your average RV, but if you’re looking for a place to stay more than 4-6 months out of the year, you might find you’ll quickly start to feel rather cramped if you’re looking for a more prolonged stay. Also, if you’re using the most of this floor plan for amenities, then you’ll find you’re a little short on storage space.

Here are a few more of the drawbacks of owning a park model trailer:

  • They’re difficult to store. Due to their larger, more bulky size, they’ll need a larger amount of space in a yard or a garage. You may even have to pay a warehouse company to store it in their facility. You’ll need to purchase added insurance for park models in-storage.
  • There are a lot of standards you’ll be required to meet if you want to make your own park model trailer or make your trailer from the base of another structure.
  • Park model trailers aren’t exactly built for year-round use. They aren’t permanent homes, thanks to the fact that their lightweight materials were designed for easy transport.

Obviously, there’s perks – and there’s drawbacks. It’s up to you to decide what you want to use your park model trailer for, why you want to use it, how often, etc. to determine if the pros outweigh the cons. Thousands of park model trailer owners in Ontario love their RVs, and the benefits they provide! Do your research, and hopefully this article has helped narrow your choices down a little.