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Whether fishing with family or friends, or whether you’re a neophyte or an expert, you’ll be delighted with your fishing experience with us and amazed at the quantity and quality of your catches. Fishing doesn’t get any better than this!

Catch and release-O’Sullivan Lake Lodge has a voluntary Trophy Catch and Release Program and acknowledges those who catch and release the largest fish in each category every year. In addition to receiving a certificate and being posted on our website, the winners get to come back for a free vacation! To enter the contest, you must e-mail us a picture indicating the date, size, and lake of your catch.

You can choose an American plan (meals included) or a European plan (without meals). You can also reserve a guide ($).

Best Boating Areas to Visit when in Canada

Ontario, Canada is a boater’s haven. With its picturesque backdrop, beautiful scenery, friendly and hospitable people, and good weather, it is a popular destination for recreational boating. However, before you sail, it is important to discuss your opportunities and get a boat insurance quote Ontario company to understand more about risk management.

This lovely city is home to thousands of lakes, streams, and rivers. There are many shorelines and bodies of water to explore. You can go cruising or sailing while enjoying the sunny weather. If you are more adventurous, try a number of watersports activities such as water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, jet skiing to get your heart pumping.

There are many cottages and lodges to keep you comfortable and relaxed during your boating trip. Marinas also offer a lot of recreational activities and amenities for their guests. Here are some of the loveliest places to sail when you’re in Canada.

Best Places for Boating Activities

  • Southwest Ontario – Enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning sun as you sail along the tranquil waters of Southwest Ontario. Take a trip to nearby lighthouses or explore the deep waters. There are many amenities to enjoy in the marina as well.
  • Greater Toronto – This location has a lot of opportunities for recreational boating. You can go sailing or ride on a power boat. There are also options for non-motorized boating such as paddling and canoeing that you can enjoy with your family and friends. You can event rent a boat or yacht for a quick getaway.
  • Ottawa – This region offers a number of options for boating. Some operators offer eco-friendly boat tours for the environmentally concerned boater. You can bask in a sunset cruise around the beautiful shores of Ottawa.

Take a cruise along the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rideau Canal or a journey through historical boat tours that are both entertaining and educational. If want a more active experience, whitewater rafting or kayaking activities are available to suit your adventurous soul.

  • Southeastern Ontario – There are numerous crystal clear lakes and rivers around this region. You can enjoy the beauty of the scenery as you kayak or paddle along the waters of Ontario. There are a lot of relaxing cruises you can try with your family and friends. There are also a number of nice fishing spots in this area.
  • Niagara – This region is a popular destination for boating activities. It has an extensive system of lakes and rivers that are great for boating and fishing.

However, before you begin your journey, you should consult with a broker and request for a boat insurance quote Ontario company. Get yourself insured and protected by understanding the policies and coverage of having a boat insurance. There are many potential risks that can happen when you own a boat.

Accidents can occur during your cruise. Your boat may incur damages from collisions or other unforeseen mishaps. It can be caused by natural calamities or in some cases, you might unintentionally initiate the harm to someone else.

Having a boat insurance will arm and protect you from financial risks that may arise in the future. Get a formal request from a boat insurance quote Ontario provider.